Long Arched Ear Wire, 45x17mm, (2pcs)

#NaturalBrass Natural Brass
Long ear wires are so versatile. The length lends itself to creative flow, allowing the design to be directed by the elegance of the finding. Our LONG ARCHED EAR WIRE, also referred to as a kidney wire, is no exception to this design principle. It gets and A+ for beauty and an A+ for function. The strong yet flexible solid brass wire holds its shape as you design with it and also holds its shape as you wear it. By hooking onto itself, it forms a closed loop giving it an extra secure closure. 

DIY WITH JESS DESIGN TIP:  As if 1 3/4" length wasn't bold enough, GO BOLDER! Grab some chain scraps and create a cascading fall of assymetry! Either thread one or 2 strands of thin chain right onto the earwire until resting in the loop and then pinch/crimp the loop tight until the chain won't slip out of the loop. Or thread several strands onto a jump ring and thread the jumpring itself over the wire and into the loop and pinch closed. Make the chain as long or short as you want. All lengths look really great.
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