VIP Inspiration Box

We’ve taken inspiration to a whole new level.
This is the best way we could imagine for you to discover a stunning variety of easy-to-design-with jewelry parts, delivered straight to your door!

Getting a VIP Inspiration Box by Vintaj is like having a dream filled with chocolate and unicorns! Every month, members will receive a Vintaj Team Designer curated box with a different inspired theme every month, worth over $150 of the most beautiful, jeweler’s quality, made in the USA, natural metals and inspiring bead assortments. Say goodbye to status quo and start discovering how inspiring it is to design with the high-quality jewelry parts you deserve!
Your first box will ship within one week of subscribing. Future boxes will ship monthly on the same recurring day of the month. Cancel anytime.
Friendship Inspiration Package
When you subscribe to the VIP Inspiration Box, Vintaj will ship a Friendship Inspiration Package to the recipient of your choice. We believe in sharing love through creativity and charity. We all know someone who could use some lovin’. A friend, neighbor, relative, or even someone who did something nice for you. Join our mission to help ease loneliness in the US and up your design game! No cost to you. Free shipping.

Each bag is specially curated by us and is filled with design
components and a bead mix for a monthly dose of inspiration.